Making mobile payments is awesome!

Be part of the future. Now.

  • It’s faster

    Tap your phone and pay without counting cash or browsing cards.

  • It’s easier

    Nothing is easier than taking your smartphone out of the pocket.

  • It’s more secure

    LeuPay Wallet has secret code, fingerprint, card locking and 24/7 support.

  • It’s more fun

    Have fun being among the first to discover modern payments.

Pay contactless

Tap your phone to the terminal and pay with ease. That’s it! No cash. No cards.

* Contactless payments are only available for Android devices.

Transfer money between friends

Split the bill with your friends in seconds, be there for them when they need cash.

Digital card for every online expense

Your shield against fraudsters

Create a virtual card for every subscription or online purchase. Set your spending limits, lock your cards when done shopping, or simply dispose of them. No fraudster can get to your money.

Smart expense tracking

Get your daily spending under control

Keep track of your purchases and stay on budget easily. LeuPay Wallet records every transaction for you to review at any time.

Keep your wallet safe

with multi-layered security

  • Lock your cards

    If something gets fishy, lock your virtual cards until the cavalry arrives.

  • Protect your details

    You never reveal your name and card number when paying contactless.

  • Set your own secret code

    Use a secret code or your fingerprint and know your wallet is loyal only to you.

  • Withdraw cash

    If you ever need cash, use your prepaid card at any ATM in the world.

LeuPay Wallet is pretty good at saving you money

  • Free to get and keep
  • Free POS and online payments
  • Free funding via bank transfer
  • Funding via card is only 0.5%
  • ATM withdrawal within the EU for just €2.00
  • We bind you with quality, not with contracts