Say “Goodbye” to bank offices.
Load cash in your digital wallet in a better way.

Looking for a fast and convenient way to load funds while running daily errands, shopping or riding a bike around town?
With LeuPay Wallet’s innovative ‘Cash-in’ service, you can go from zero to fully loaded in a matter of minutes. No need to go to a bank office, load money to your bank account and then transfer them to your wallet. Now you can load cash directly into your LeuPay Wallet account at a FastPay office.
Simply visit the cash desk at one of their convenient locations, load your LeuPay Wallet with the desired amount and you’re good to go!


How does it work?

Using ‘Cash-in’ - LeuPay Wallet is as easy as 1-2-3


Step 1

Find your nearest cash desk location from the map below.


Step 2

Tell the cashier the name and phone number, associated with your LeuPay Wallet account.


Step 3

Load your LeuPay Wallet with the desired amount and start spending.

Why should you use it?

There’s no need to risk losing money from your pocket.
There’s also no need to load them in your bank account to ultimately pay with your LeuPay Wallet.
There’s a much easier way: Cash in at a FastPay location.

  • Cash-in is one of the fastest ways to fund your LeuPay Wallet
  • You save on bank transfer fees
  • Finding a cash desk is easy – there are multiple locations around the country.

Forget about paying high fees!

Slide the LeuPay Wallet icon left and right to see how much you’d pay

0.50 BGN

1.00 BGN

3.00 BGN

Funded ammount: 250 BGN
Fee: 0.50 BGN

With almost 50 partner locations across the country, LeuPay Wallet is always close to you.

What are you waiting for? Find the nearest location

Cash In Leupay Wallet Locations


‘Cash-in’ Partners
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Frequently Asked Questions

At our partner’s cash desk, you can fund your account in Bulgarian leva only.
Yes, you need to be a verified user to take advantage of this service. To become a verified client, you have to initiate video identification chat with one of our operations though the LeuPay Wallet App.
Sure! Your friend needs to be at lest 18 years old, provide a valid ID and know your phone or account number.
Yes, you can receive your first LeuPay Wallet card for free! You’d need to provide an ID or passport to the cashier at the cash desk to avail you free LeuPay Wallet card.
Before you can use your card, you’d need to activate it trough the LeuPay Wallet app. After the activation you can fund it online or at our partner’s locations and pay contactless anywhere in the world!


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